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I’m here to help you turn a corner in your life


Are you struggling with an addiction and looking for a new way of life?

Do you feel depressed and struggling with life on a day-to-day basis?

Are you struggling with sex addiction and need someone to help you through the process?

If you believe you are ready, I am here to support you.

About Me

It’s all about you but here’s a little bit more about me, my experience, qualifications and how I can help you. I believe it’s important for you to know more about me before we start working together.

Hi. My name is Gavin, and I am a fully qualified therapist providing counselling services in Cambridgeshire in various fields including sex addiction, trauma, addiction, anxiety and relationships.

If you are reading this then you may have reached a place where things are not going to plan in your life, or as you may have expected it to be. Maybe you feel ‘stuck’ at present? Counselling may be able to help with the ‘stuckness’ that you may be experiencing. 

My role as a therapist is not to provide you with the answers to the issues you are faced with, because I believe you already have the answers. However, with regular therapy sessions, in a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment, we can explore this together and help you take the next steps.

I work in a humanistic way and utilise various approaches and techniques including Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory and Positive Psychology. My approach depends on you and the problems you are facing. Each of my clients have a tailored strategy to help you cope with the issues at hand and discover ways to manage these in your day-to-day life.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy (BACP) and also the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP). I have been working with clients for over 10 years in supporting them in a number of specialised fields including addiction and personally participate in regular supervision and therapy because I believe it is important for me to look after myself the same way that I encourage you to do so. I am also trained in Post Induction Therapy with Meadows and trained in Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder/Sex and Porn Addiction with Laurel Centre. 

I have achieved an MSc in Addiction Psychology and counselling with London South Bank and a BA in Social Policy from Anglian Ruskin University. I have also trained in Adlerian Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centred Counselling and Post Induction Therapy.

I continue to work in a wide range of areas, and my experience covers a variety of settings including residential rehabs, community services and a number of prisons. Some of these include The Priory, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust, Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPT), Staffordshire & South Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust, Phoenix Futures, Sanctuary Lodge, Focus12, Perry Claymore Project (PCP), Change Grow Live, Aashna Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Salus Wellness Clinics in Cambridge.

My therapy room is located in Earith (Cambs) and I also provide therapy in central Cambridge. Contact me to discuss your first session.


I am here to listen and help you turn a corner in your life and for you to get a better understanding of how to manage and cope with everyday life.

If you believe you are ready, I am here to support you.

My Areas of Expertise

Here are the areas of expertise I offer for my clients

Sex addiction, or Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder, is a process addiction that centres around individuals who use various measures of sex with a lack of control.

It could be anything from compulsively masturbating, watching porn excessively or any sexual activity that is causing issues in your everyday life.

Co-dependency is a behavioural condition in a relationship of two people where one person enables another person’s poor mental health, addiction or under achievement. Obtaining approval or a sense of identity are two of the core characteristics of co-dependency.

More and more people in the UK are suffering from addiction of various kinds, but there is a way out and, with regular counselling, you will start to see that there is an opportunity to have a better way of life. Addiction can manifest itself in a number of ways which may include drugs, alcohol, food, sex and much more. Understanding addiction is the first step to helping you find a better way to manage your day-to-day life.

From time to time, people encounter trauma in their lives that, if untreated and undiagnosed, can cause complications down the line. Experiencing trauma can have a profound impact on your psychological and emotional well-being. This is known in therapy as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and through a programme of counselling, we can discover ways to regulate the emotions that become too difficult to tolerate.

This is otherwise known as ‘low esteem’ or ‘low self-confidence’ counselling and my first approach with you is to try and get a better understanding of why you may be struggling with low self-worth. I believe it is important to establish a better understanding of worth and value when helping my clients.

My psycho-therapeutic sessions in anger management look at prevention and control. By recognising the signs and knowing how to deal with the feelings surrounding anger, I will be able to look at helping you to cope and find ways of managing this in your day-to-day life.

Shame can be a significant driver for dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Someone may engage in an addictive process and the shame that this produces causes them to engage in the behaviour again in order to find some relief from the negative emotions.

Becoming cognisant of the shame is important in its reduction.

Family dynamics are the patterns and interactions we have with members of our family. Understanding the dynamics of your family will help you by preventing distress and collective unhappiness within the family environment. This can also be known as ‘family therapy’ where I am able to meet with you on a one-to-one basis or with the whole family.

Exploring an individuals early years can highlight experiences that affect current lifestyle. Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, often have a detrimental effect on how people view the world and how they perceive themselves in that world. This can lead to chronic health problems, poor mental health and substance misuse. It can have negative consequences on a persons life.

Getting a balance of life, work, love, and relationships is an important factor for everyone. From time to time people can feel disassociated with ‘life balance’ and investigating this in more detail with regular therapy, can help you to improve the balance you have every day.

In a medical or biological context, stress is a physical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Recognising (or exploring) the causes of stress whether it be work, financial or family-related, can help you in the process of managing and reducing these symptoms to help you with a better quality of life.

Anxiety is related to your body’s natural reaction to stress. It often manifests into stress from a feeling of fear of unknowing of what is to come. All anxiety disorders are different and can affect people in different ways which is why it is important to seek treatment if you regularly have a feeling of being anxious or suffer from a variety of symptoms of anxiety.

The Benefits of Therapy How it Can Help You…

Finding your own truth

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Finding your own truth

I firmly believe that you are the expert in your life and that my job is to listen. Receiving counselling is about giving yourself the space to find your own truth. This may initially feel strange, but, as we progress on this - your journey - together my hope is that this will start feeling natural and you will gain the confidence to move forward.

Better coping strategies

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Better coping strategies

Whilst we aim to deliver on the same-day, sometimes an overnight delivery is more suitable for our clients and everyone involved. You get some sleep; we’ve got this covered for you. 

Self-awareness and confidence

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Self-awareness and confidence

Counselling can lead to an increase in overall well-being, self-awareness, confidence, motivation and a greater understanding of difficulties and relationships, acceptance of difficult situations and better coping strategies.

About Adlerian Therapy

The Lifestyle Assessment intends to throw light on the attitudes, beliefs and convictions each person holds. Adler referred to this as an individual's lifestyle, and he believed that its foundations are established by the time a child is 6 years old. These attitudes, beliefs and convictions are often an unconscious part of us. Shedding light on them can be a helpful way to assist clients in understanding why they are behaving in a certain way. Together, we will explore different areas of your life, using various therapeutic methods. Adlerians believe that any movement is beneficial to an individual and all behaviour is purposive.

What my clients have to say…

Here's a sample of the reviews where I have helped my clients in the past.

"Gavin is friendly and caring. He helps you understand yourself and look for the answers, often by asking the right questions! 25 years of therapy and Gavin is the best I have had..."


"The care that emanated from Gavin was exactly what I needed. Since leaving treatment I’m expecting my first child and have been able to keep a job for the longest period in 10 Years. Thank you Gavin"


"Addiction Counselling: Through a careful process of meetings and 'impact statements' Gavin brought us all together: parents, siblings and partners. Now we are all in a much more positive place."


My Therapy Room

Here are just a few photos of my relaxed and safe therapy room for my clients. Click or tap any image for a larger view.

My Counselling Fees

My fees are £80 for a 50 minute session.

If you believe you are ready, I am here to support you.